Tin of Coins

Last year, on 28 March 2017, the Royal Mint issued into circulation a new one pound coin.

Whenever I found one in my pocket, from change passed to me in the transactions I enter into on a daily basis, I started to put them all into a tin at the side of my bed – a money box – my tin of coins!.

It’s purpose was to amass funds which ought really not to exist, so that I could treat my wife to some experience – a trip to Venice or New York or Paris, which we have never been able to afford during the 30 years of our marriage.

Last week, I counted 296 of these coins and the tin is almost full. It will have to be emptied and filled a few more times before my dream can be put into practice.

I’m prepared to wait! It’s a journey not a race.

It’s means is short change, its purpose is short break!

This concept of reaching a goal at a steady pace, resonates heavily in my life, particularly at the current time when all my struggles, all my thinking; all my coaching; all my talking; all my listening; all my experience is pointing me strongly to a new way of living.

The hard bit is to remain patient; remain true to the values I hold dear; to bring those whom I love so much and with all my heart to the dawn of a new kind of relationship with each other, and with my truth.

My next blog will be: Learning to Love

William Defoe

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