Fastening My Shoelace

If I was asked to tell you in a sentence or two, how I fasten my shoelace, I would struggle to explain it.

I have noticed how I fasten my shoelace on each shoe each day, without giving so much as a thought to the steps I must take to achieve it.

It is a marvelous skill, and one in fact, I can clearly remember acquiring as a young boy, needing to be able to loosen and fasten my shoes without parental help whilst out for the day at school.

Recently, I was confronted very surprisingly with an opportunity which required a quick decision.

In the few moments I had, to make up my mind whether to act or not, I managed to think myself out of the situation by all manner of reasoning and justifications and excuses.

There is no way of telling whether the choice I made in that moment was the right one, perhaps it was, and perhaps it was not – no matter, but I have this sense of having thought myself out of the art of what is possible if I had just allowed myself to do so.

I know that when I pick up my shoelaces and pull on them with force, my shoe closes in around my foot, and within moments it is held secure by the chords and a knot.

Perhaps the same logic could be applied to my capacity to explore and experience the world, trusting the outcome will deepen my understanding, deepen my clarity, deepen my truth without necessarily knowing in advance all the steps I need to take to get there.

My next blog will be: Tin of Coins

William Defoe


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