Strong Parfum

Whilst out jogging a few weeks ago, in the early morning darkness before day break, I became alert to the presence of a strong parfum as a woman walked passed me in the opposite direction.

I could not see her, in the morning twilight, but her strong parfum drifted on ahead of me for quite sometime alerting me to her presence in the world.

I am intrigued by how all our senses connect us to our inner and outer life.

I am not an island, I am connected, and I am connected through all my senses to others.

I am embarrassed to think that the woman passing by me with her strong parfum, whilst I was running, was possibly alerted to the less pleasant strong parfum of my bodily sweat as I ran passed her.

This image in my mind of being able to leave a scent, which is so important in the animal world, makes me appreciate my sense of smell, because at a very basic level it is a sense of utter truth and at an intellectual level, my sense of smell is romantic and creative.

The knowledge that we leave our mark on the world as we pass through is important in a whole life sense, because it helps to give a purpose to our existence and the causes we involve ourselves in during our life.

The knowledge that we leave our mark on the world as we pass through, is important in a present sense, because it helps us to consider, in the moment or in reflective practice, the  impact of our actions on those who come into daily contact with us.

My next blog will be:  X and Y and Z

William Defoe


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