It’s My Life

I have been drawn to the words of the latest song of artist Robbie Williams, in which he sings: –

“I love my life – I am powerful, I am beautiful, I am free”

His words seem to me, to be from a place where he has arrived at recently in his life.

He acknowledges the difficulties of the past and of the difficulties still to come, and yet, despite these, he is simply and beautifully telling us that : –

“I love my life – I am wonderful, I am magical, I am me”

The words of this song, which from time to time I sing along to in the bath, or in the car, or whilst out running, are also about me, and when you sing them quietly in your head or out loud, they are about you too.

The translation of the lyrics from this talented performer and singer, are immediate, the minute we join in, and they are true, because our very humanity, our very essence of being alive makes these words something we too can own, believe in and accept.

The last line of his song is:-

“I’m where I want to be”

Robbie Williams seems very happy and in love, from what I read of him in the papers, but this statement of his is possibly not just about his domestic happiness. Perhaps it is simply that he is fully aware and deeply connected with his sense of self and his place in the world, at peace with the past, and prepared for whatever comes.

These are aspirations which I continue to strive for in my own life, which are a reflection of living a life in the present, of living a life in deep conversation with the soul, and reflecting my self-hood with confidence in the world.

My next blog will be: Strong Parfum

William Defoe



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