Steam Train

On the English Riviera in South Devon a steam train runs trips for holidaymakers along the beautiful coastline from Paignton to Kingswear.

I like to watch the train as it puffs up the slight incline from Goodrington to Saltern Cove and stand on the little picturesque bridge as first, the sound of the engine, is followed by the visible evidence of its presence in the form of the puff of steam above the trees.

As the steam train comes into full view, such a sight makes my heart leap, and I feel somehow deeply grateful to be witness to such a scene.

The purpose of writing this blog comes in the next moment when the passengers on the train wave to those of us standing on the bridge, and we wave back arms flailing in the exaggeration of the movement to make sure that we are seen.

This connection with strangers, giving pleasure to each other by acknowledging the privilege of being able to travel on the steam train and watch it go by, in the most beautiful of settings was a highlight of my holiday.

As I walked away from the little bridge after the last passengers had disappeared from view I felt overcome with the emotion at the whole experience, and how I had welcomed the brief joyous connection with people unknown to me in the euphoria of the experience.

It is this memory of my holiday which has, and will, endure following my return home to the routine of the working week.

It is this experience, which lifted and connected with my inner self – my soul and I thank God for the steam train and for the enthusiasts who keep them in working order for the pleasure of holidaymakers.

My next blog will be: Land from the Sea

William Defoe

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