The View of the Land from the Sea

Whenever I am on holiday, I take every opportunity I can, to look at the sea.

The movement and sounds of the waves as they crash onto the sea shore and the view of the distant horizon mesmerize me and fill me with a sense of awe and wonder and peace and calm.

I usually negotiate with my wife, at least one day of walking along the coastal paths where I experience the joy of the undulating landscape with the sea always at my side as I walk along, thinking, praying, being, wondering, repairing and loving my injured soul.

Last week, I walked along the coast in South Devon with joy at the familiarity I have for this beautiful coastline  from Torquay through Paignton to Brixham which never fails to assist the healing process within my tormented soul.

As I traveled back to Torquay on the ferry across Torbay, I experienced something new within me of the view of the land from the sea.

The coastal view was opened up before me to reveal all of the hidden nooks and coves and cliffs which had been hidden from my view as I had walked along.

I had this sense from my seat on the ferry, of being able to recognise how far I had walked, but also how much had been hidden from my view.

The view of the land from the sea enabled me to bring a more rounded and deepening perspective to the experience which I had enjoyed whilst walking and thinking.

I think this concept of the view of the land from the sea has something important to say to me (and perhaps you too!) about the importance of never assuming that what we see is the full picture.

There is always the possibility of looking afresh at familiar problems and worries and anxieties which restrict my / your capacity to feel safe, by searching within our souls for a new dimension, which will widen our capacity to move forward, or to accept the challenges we face.

I think next year, I might benefit from flying over this bit of coastline, but until then I’ll imagine what it is like because when we put our minds to it, we can be anywhere.

My next blog will be: That’s Awesome Mum

William Defoe

2 thoughts on “The View of the Land from the Sea

  1. Justin Wise

    Dear William. Thank you for this beautiful, beautiful post. What you have written struck me to think – what would our lives look like from Earth orbit (the question posed to us ever since people first made it into space). And then, what would we see if we looked at our lives from the very edge of the galaxy? It seems to me there are always ways in which we’re sure we’ve got the truth and always, when we are most sure, always bigger, wider frames from which to look, if we can but remember to do this and be less convinced by our own stories. With ongoing gratitude for your work William, and for sharing it with us. Justin


    1. williamdefoe274 Post author

      I am very humbled by your kind comments Justin and particularly for the way in which you connect with this theme of expansion in our thinking, which for me has been a great liberator from fear. With many thanks for your support and for your own inspirational work, William Defoe.



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