I have been noticing within my body-physical a set of brakes.

It is an interesting phenomenon which has revealed itself to me through running five times each week for the last nine months of my life.

I have been wondering why it is that even though I am much fitter, carrying less weight, my run times, although improved, are not even better.

I first discovered my brakes running downhill but they are not in my legs.

These brakes hold me back  when perhaps it is possible for me to run faster, but they control my speed, not from my head (fear of falling) but from my abdomen (keeping me centred).

They speak to me of taking all factors of my run into account, not just my speed, but also my rhythm, my breathing, my stamina and my enjoyment.

I think my brakes have enabled me to keep focused, allowing my run to be an important time for my mental development because they facilitate head space to think, to notice my inner voice, to help me to stay present.

They are unlike the brakes in our heads which at times say to us, “we can’t” or which judge harshly ourselves or others.

My next blog will be: Finding Resilence

William Defoe






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