My skin – your skin – a seamless suit of exquisite beauty which holds in all of me – and all of you!

Our skin soft, malleable, resilient, self healing, beautiful and a vital and living wondrous organ which is magnificent in its scale and ambition.

The soft skin of the face and buttocks (ne’er to be confused) contrasted with the harder skin of the heel and palms which reveal the vastness of the skins capacity to adapt and protect and nurture what is me and what is you.

So often when I am feeling agitated, it is in the skin in which the stress shows itself to be in distress with a rash here and there, perhaps under the arms or along the belt line or groin or on my feet and hands.

This manifestation of the anxiety felt within is revealed on the surface of my skin, and I soothe with water and cream to heal the wounds which I have inflicted on to my skin in my time of distress.

Slowly those wounds heal, but to avoid these moments of disconnect between my mindset and my beautiful skin, I need to find a place to be calm, a place to be in dialogue with what the skin is protecting physically which is:  my truth; my essence; my life.

My next blog will be: Brakes

William Defoe

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