Finding Resilience

I have come to realise that I am in essence a vulnerable adult – vulnerable that is to my emotional state.

In recent years I have been engaged in a process of deep inner work of finding resilience through continued development.

To be in the search of finding resilience is to be in the work of continuing practice because it is through the practising that I feel safe or should I say safer from reacting on an emotional level to the world around me.

My practices are manifold and include:

  • sitting quietly listening to my inner voice;
  • noticing and appreciating the natural world and feeling myself to be a part of it;
  • running;
  • writing;
  • reading coaching material which is recommended to me;
  • visiting my coach and bringing everything;
  • reaching out to my family to be a source of support for their needs of me in their life;
  • prayer;
  • friends;
  • working;
  • eating;
  • relaxing;
  • sleeping;
  • listening to others;
  • reflecting;
  • loving;
  • learning something new;
  • reminding myself of the things I am passionate about.

Above all, finding resilience for me, is to be engaged in the important work of accepting all aspects of self, in deepening my capacity to be expansive in my thinking; of being less reactive to events, being more reflective; more honest and open with others; and more empathetic.

Finding Resilience is to be engaged in the habits of practices which give stability and hope and peace to a conflicted life.

My next blog will be: Cornfield

William Defoe


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