The Weight of Change

I have noticed recently that I have a tendency to experience my anxieties, stresses and worries as a weight – a heaviness of the heart or the head, I’m not sure which!

At the current time, I have felt troubled by changes occurring in my place of work, with my fabulous boss leaving the organisation and a member of my team handing in his notice.

On the one hand, I have known the boss was going to go for quite a few weeks, but the loss of a team member came as quite a surprise.

I have been asking myself how I come to terms with these shifts which are beyond my control.

First I tell myself, they a are not my losses!

These are valid choices, by the individuals concerned, which are totally understandable and within their interests in terms of their own career progression.

Second I ask myself, why am I burdened by it?, what is this nagging fear that this weight of change has opened up within me?

It seems that inwardly I need to somehow experience the change, to feel it, to wonder how it affects me in my work role.

Will a change in leadership affect my own position?

Will the changes affect my own sense of safety?

Will the change open up opportunities for me which although I feel ready for, do I want them?

So the weight of change is an inner response to matters beyond my control and also to matters within my control.

So my burden has been halved already, just by thinking it through.

For the rest of it I will have to be patient for what enfolds in the future whilst I remember that I am not some helpless victim being tossed about at the mercy of those around me.

I am a highly intelligent and articulate man, capable of making choices of my own.

My next blog will be: Sneeze

William Defoe


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