An Act of Letting Go

In recent years it has been my intention to be present – to live my life in  the present.

This intent calls to me for a discipline from within, a continual inner dialogue to navigate my emotional life through a turbulent and vibrant world.

In the way I lived my life before I adopted my intent to live in the present, I was vulnerable to holding on to aspects of the world which had at their core a narrow spectrum of understanding, a life of re-living the hurts of the past, and repeating them because my life narrative was stuck.

My life in the present, calls me from within to listen to my inner voice, my teacher and guide and to navigate the world less reactively, more measured, so although  I still get tossed about by the sea, I don’t necessarily always get wet.

I have had to learn to let go.

I’ve had to let go of an old narrative of failure by confronting it, acknowledging it, accepting it’s truth, but letting it go.

Letting it go, does not mean forgotten, I’m not a floppy disc to be wiped clean, I’m a hard drive with a long memory, but also lots of blank capacity still left which is space for me to store each day of my life in the present.

I have been thinking recently about this blog, and how through writing a post regularly, I allow my inner self to speak out, to explain my truth, so that I am able to move on.

What I am saying is that for me, every post of this blog is keeping me present, keeping me grounded because each post is, for me, an act of letting go!

My next blog will be: The Weight of Change

William Defoe


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