When Men Cry

Last week I attended a funeral of a man who had died in his mid-fifties, a friend connected to me through other friends of mine who were much closer to him than I was.

After the beautiful funeral service, I felt a huge swell of emotion arising within me, as his coffin was raised up and placed on the shoulders of six of his friends, one of whom was crying uncontrollably, to be carried from church.

As I filed out of the church, I noticed that there were many men who had tears in their eyes, overcome by the emotion of the occasion and having lost a friend too soon.

Over the years, I have cried, almost always privately, and arising from a sense of frustration in the anguish of my circumstances.

It is a long time since I experienced my tears as a weakness, I believe them to be a strength, because they are a response to the difficult work of being with self.

Tears are a reward for love, love of self, love of others, love for those we have lost, in life or in death.

When men cry, I feel vindicated, I feel empowered, I feel connected because my tears are not something to feel guilty about, they are a common emotion experienced by many of my own sex and now I have evidence to prove it.

My next blog will be: “I Think It Is Going To Rain Today”

William Defoe

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