The Catholic Church is celebrating a Jubilee Year of Mercy, opened by Pope Francis late last year and ending on 20 November 2016.

“Mercy” – at its heart, has the concept of forgiveness and from that follows the potential for healing, reconciliation and peace, with self and with others.

I have suffered so much from recurring heartache from guilt over my past aggressive and controlling behaviour towards those whom I love most.

Even though, I am in a process of development, the past can cause pain, especially  if I recall how I used to be, and how I could still be, without the inner determination and resolve to be different, and the love and support and guidance and encouragement of others.

I have had to learn to be merciful to  myself as a first step to being accessible for the mercy which I hope will come from others whom I have hurt in the past -and it has come is small signs in recognition of the changes I have made to my life.

I think that my capacity to be merciful has grown immeasurably as I have explored and studied the origins of my suffering.

My next blog will be: Food and Drink

William Defoe


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