Yellow Boat

In the downstairs WC of my home, hangs a painting of a harbour, dominated by a fishing trawler on the quayside with small pleasure boats in the foreground anchored to the sandy harbour bottom at low tide.

I have seen this picture obviously many times (our coats are on hooks in this small room too!) and a few days ago, I noticed a small yellow boat beached on its side, which I cannot ever recall having noticed before.

I am certain that I must have seen that yellow boat in that picture many times before, but it is the first time that I recall actually noticing it.

This small revelation of art in a familiar frame, is a metaphor for the development that we undertake when we journey with self, to a place of understanding and self acceptance and self love.

I like the image of the many yellow boats which have accompanied me during my life, unnoticed, or better described, as not understood, coming to their own as the tide comes in and bobbing up and down at high tide fully present in the picture of my life.

Far from being, unacknowledged or unseen, I now take out my yellow boat from the harbour into the sea to explore the canopy of the coast and the distant horizon before returning to the harbour again, safe, before low tide.

My next blog will be :  Mercy

William Defoe


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