Food and Drink

A key part of my journey to accept and love self and live in the present  has been to look after the needs of my body at the same time as developing the understanding and capacity of my mind.

I have been surprised how an emerging facet of the change I am undertaking, has been around my increasing focus on managing my intake of food and drink both physically and mentally.

[I should say straight away that I am not on a diet,and any  weight loss I have achieved has been, I think, through exercise].

In a physical sense I consume food and drink in fairly disciplined surroundings, at a table and in silence, unless I am fortunate to have company.

The silence is the mind bit of the food and drink issue.

The food and drink are supporting my physical needs, but the mental space which accompanies this process is a valuable opportunity for me to reflect and be calm.

I find that this approach enables me to consume food, slowly and rhythmically which is nutritional for both my body and my mind.

My adult children, and occasionally friends, send me “snap-chats” (photos that last 10 seconds before disappearing into the ether!) of plates of food or glasses of wine or beer.

This is supposed to convey to me that they are having a good time in whichever restaurant they are in, or perhaps, if they are making a new dish for the first time which they want to show me.

I love getting the snap-chats – I do, because I feel connected to them, but not with the food and drink, but with my children.

In reflective mode, I would prefer the food and drink not to be put centre-stage in the communication, important as it is, because for me, they are at the centre  – it is with them in mind that I journey forward in the present, to be the best I can.

My next blog will be: Managing Excuses

William Defoe



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