Sleepless Night

Just recently I have experienced some sleepless nights.

In truth, for me, the term “sleepless night” is a cliche.

What it means is that I either struggle to get to sleep or I wake up early and I cannot go back to sleep.

The unwanted awakeness is overwhelming, but I am now better able to notice it, to listen to it, to respect it and not react to it.

So I am noticing unresolved problems at work, pressure with deadlines, pressure with prioritisation, pressure through perceived knowledge and skills gap of myself or members of the team, fear of failure, fear of omission, fear of the future – no wonder its a struggle.

My first response, once I am fully awake, is to just simply be with it.

I don’t have the answers but I am asking the questions  – notice the questions – what are the questions? – put on a light and write them down!

Often the action of listening and writing is enough to calm my anxiety.

I have listened and noted down my inner fears and perhaps the morning will bring some the clarity from within self or from the action of reaching out to someone else for help or advice or perhaps finding the courage to continue to live in the questions for a little longer.

Night night!

My next blog will be:  I Want

William Defoe






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