Clumsy Blogging

In my journey to deepen my understanding of self, I have become very much acquainted with my inner critic.

The text books tell you that to overcome the challenges of critic, you must first get to know it.

My inner critic has a habit, which I am increasingly curious about, of telling me that I am falling short of the high standards which I have set myself.

Notice how I say “high standards which I have set myself” – I am constantly assessing myself against a standard which increasingly I am becoming aware is unattainable.

This means that I am over eager to point out my weaknesses to others, to prevent them from pointing them out to me, only to find out that their purpose was to thank me and to encourage me for the work I have done.

Recently, I have felt that my blogging is clumsy. 

Clumsy Blogging!

But, I say, I write from the heart and publish!

On re-reading later, my inner critic tells me that I have repeated myself here, or wasted a paragraph there, or perhaps I ought to have been more succinct on that bit, or that sentence does not make sense, erm – spelling mistake and you checked it through and you still missed it!

My response is to acknowledge the critic, and remind it that I write from the heart, and my clumsy blogging is a reflection of my heart rather than n exercise in literary excellence, so please butt out!

My next blog will be: Sleepless Night

William Defoe

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