Rolling Hills

Earlier this week, I had a day off work and climbed Pen y Ghent in the Yorkshire Dales

I walked with a friend from the top of Pen y Ghent (A Yorkshire Peak) to Plover Hill and we enjoyed our lunch looking over the spectacular rolling hills above Foxup.

The view is what I take to be my reward, for the considerable effort that it takes to get to that remote spot, and in that place which I have visited alone, and with friends, I sense a deep connection with my need for calm, which is inspired by the beautiful rambling rolling hills which seem to go on forever.

I am overwhelmed by a feeling that to see the view I have to be high up – I would not see the hidden rolling hills without having climbed to be there.

So it is with my journey of self acceptance towards a gentler kind of love that I am seeking for myself.

I know that I must exert myself physically, mentally and spiritually to examine my life and explain it and hope to find a contextual meaning for it, in the past, and in the present, so that in doing so my future has the potential to be my very own rolling hills.

My next blog will be :   Surprised by an Unexpected sentence 

William Defoe

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