Surprised by an Unexpected Sentence

At Mass last Sunday the priest baptised a young boy aged about 4 years old.

After the welcome and anointing, the child and his parents and godparents were called to the baptismal font for the baptism.

The little boy was asked to stand on a little step and to lean his head over the basin for the water to be poured over his head.

As he did so, the priest noticed that he had a toy and said to him “Would you mind passing your chain-saw to your daddy while I baptise you?

As he did so, without a fuss – he was an angel – the priest said “now there is a sentence I never expected to have to say at a baptism”

This openness to how things are in the present moment, as opposed to how I expect them to be, is a key component of what it feels like to me to be in touch with living in the present.

Being open to the world, enables me to loosen my way of being in the world, and with the world, and it releases me from old judgments and prejudices which have served only to imprison me in a state of anxiety and fear.

My next blog will be:       Still Life

William Defoe

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