“You seem quieter, Dad”

My daughter joined me and my wife for a long weekend at the end of our recent holiday.

We all enjoyed each others company which, to be honest, is no mean feat.

I have had to learn, through my development of self, to drop the “redcoat narrative” of expecting everything to go exactly to plan and to feel utterly responsible for everything including, I might add, the weather!

On Sunday evening after a weekend which had passed off without incident (which is remarkable!), my daughter commented “You seem quieter, Dad” followed by “Is everything OK?”

I told her that I had been learning through my coaching (which she is aware of) to be in control of my previous need to react to everything.

So she said to me – “does that mean that there are things that you want to say that you are not saying?”

I said, “yes, to a certain extent it means that i have learned not to vocalize all my immediate response to what I see and hear, but I am not suppressing my need to communicate, rather I am taking my time to find the right place and the right time to speak after conversing with my inner voice of calm”.

I said, “I have had a lovely holiday and a lovely weekend in your company you have been a joy”

My next blog will be: Racing Heart

William Defoe

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