Racing Heart

One of the very first exercises that I was encouraged to take up by my coach was to develop an awareness of my body, my physical being and in doing so to discover that I am a living animate being, not just an emotional entity.

Exercises that I have taken up since the start of my journey to acknowledge my truth have occupied my head space for a period of time with intensity and then they have fallen off into a pattern of just being present.

I am now very much aware of my body. I am conscious, for example when showering or dressing and undressing of its existence. I will look at my hands and my feet after running and at my tanned face in the mirror (always a pleasure, that particular moment!)

Last week, as I knelt down in church waiting for Mass to start, in the quietness I noticed that I had a “Racing Heart”

My initial response was one of fear and an association with past experience of feeling anxious.

I focused, in the silence for a few moments, on my “Racing Heart”, and I slowly detected a rhythm in my head and chest of the blood being pumped around my body.

My fear began to be replaced with a sense of awe and wonder and deep gratitude for my physical life which is the conduit for my spiritual, emotional, intellectual and intimate life that I experience every day.

I was taught as a child that each of us are created as unique individuals in the image and likeness of God.

Whether we believe in a deity or not, we can all marvel at the wonderful construct which is our body.

No matter what its shape or its size, it should not be a surprise for each of us to experience from time to time the wonderful sensation of a “Racing Heart”

My next blog will be: “You do know that she is not a Catholic”

William Defoe

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