Living in a Bubble

As I make progress on my journey of self love and self acceptance, I occasionally try to explain my feelings inwardly as a metaphor.

I have this feeling that I am living my life “in a bubble” and that for long periods of time the experience was suffocating within the confines of the space that the bubble provided for me to breathe.

In recent times, the space within the bubble within which I live has increased substantially, as I have undertaken a journey of self discovery to accept my truth and communicate with my inner voice so that my understanding and appreciation of my self has grown.

The bubble in which I live no longer feels so compressed by the outside forces of judgement (of others); fear and isolation but appears now to “float” within an environment of which I am an integral part.

So if, like me, you feel like you are living in a bubble, create space within it to breathe and be true to yourself and move in the world freely by living in the present.

My next blog will be: “You seem quieter, Dad”

William Defoe

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