Viva Espana

Hi there – I’m back!

I have returned from a weeks rest in sunny Spain and I feel refreshed and energised by the break.

There is something strange which I have noticed particularly about my attitude to the idea of rest and of rest itself and that is that my ability to rest takes a great deal of effort.

I arrived on holiday feeling very tired, in need of space and rest and a little apprehensive that in my exhaustive state I would not be able to attain that sense of peace which I so much craved in the last few weeks as the holiday time drew nearer.

I knew that I would have to “work” at rest” and here is how I went about achieving my goal:-

1/ I turned to my wife and said to her – “I love you” and I intend us to have a nice break together

2/ I allowed myself to be quite lazy during the warm sunny days

3/ I tried not to feel guilty for not reading the book I had taken along with me in the first couple of days – I realised that I was not in a mood to read it at this time!

4/ I went into the sea very frequently and I allowed my body to be buffeted by the waves – I felt revitalised and “James Bond” like as I emerged onto the beach – its amazing what my imagination is capable of when I’m chilled and stirred!

5/ I read my book – at last!

6/ I painted a few watercolours of the coast and sea and beaches and allowed myself to dispel inner judgement about their quality – its in painting that I lose myself, that is the payback, not the painting itself which for me is a happy memento of my trip

7/ I went to bed reasonably early

8/ I was moderate with alcohol intake and actually with my food intake too!

9/ I ran along the sea-front for thirty minutes in the heat on a few occasions and loved the feeling of being alive and physically engaged in the beautiful vista of the sea-front!

10/ I connected with the assault on my senses of the many different languages which were spoken from locals and other European holidaymakers and I allowed myself to be at present in my thoughts which in years gone by have unsettled my sense of peace and calm.

Viva Espana!

My next blog will be: “# best day ever . com”

William Defoe

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