Our Chief Officer recently asked if we would be willing to undertake a Myers-Briggs Assessment in preparation for a team away day in late June.

As part of the preparation we were all offered an hour and thirty minutes 1:1 coaching to review our scores and discuss the results which were told would be confidential to us.

At my assessment interview last week I learned that the results of my assessment were as follows:

Extroversion [E] : Introversion [I]

Sensing [S] : Intuition [N]

Thinking [T] : Feeling [F]

Judging [J] : Perceiving [P]

This post is not about explaining Myers-Briggs – please search on line if you want to understand the concept and assess yourself.

This post is to explain a shift that I have noticed in my score since I undertook the exercise 4 years ago and it had a surprising effect on me.

Four years ago my Myers-Briggs type was ESFP

Last week my Myers-Briggs type was ESTP

My answers had shifted very dramatically from Feeling to Thinking

Both types are fine – the purpose of Myers-Briggs is to understand the different personal dynamics in a team and how a combination of types can bring challenges if behaviours are misunderstood, but also thriving energetic teams.

My own personal shift, from Feeling to Thinking is not as a result of some sort of personality transplant, I am still a very feeling, emotional being, but I have conditioned myself, with the help of others, and through periods of deep reflection and calm, to become a Thinking Being.

I have transitioned from feeling all my pain through an emotional vacuum, into being in a virtual constant dialogue with my inner voice, paying deep attention to its voice and pleas to be heard, loved and nurtured.

So my feelings are expressed through thought and inner dialogue and peace, and it feels fantastic.

My next blog will be    “Viva Espana”

William Defoe

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