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In recent years I have paid attention to various aspects of my humanity as I seek calm within my turbulent emotional life.

I have discovered, through being still for periods of time each day, that I am more than an emotional responsive being.

I am most human when I am in touch with my physical life, my spiritual life , my emotional life and my intellectual life and that somehow, I find the space to acknowledge these, as I reflect on my life experiences.

Last weekend, I was entertaining a visiting friend and we had climbed a local peak which has a rocky summit.

The view of the landscape from this place is truly wonderful and my friend, who had not visited before was as impressed as me at the beauty of the landscape.

As we stood admiring the view a pair of peregrine falcons, nesting on the cliffs below where we stood, rose up and were eye height to us on the rocky peak.

A man, further along from us shouted out in absolute ecstasy “Oh my God, hastag (#) best day ever .com”

I laughed to myself at his enthusiasm, but as I walked away, I was left with a sense of how the natural world can inspire within us a very deep connection to what it means to be human.

The man who expressed his joy so vocally was reflecting back to me the joy I felt inside at the very same moment as him and I felt physically alive in my body which had carried me up to this glorious place.

My next blog will be:    System Failure

William Defoe

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