Earlier this week I had a 1:1 with a coach from work in connection with the results of a Myers-Briggs assessment that I had recently completed.

Myers-Briggs in the topic of my next post.

Towards the end of the interview which was approximately an hour long, the coach said to me, it seems to me that you have been through a period of Entrapment and you are transitioning into a new period of your life.

I was surprised at her grasp of this element of my truth because I thought I had been quite guarded about my truth.

We had discussed, the children having grown up, and my wife and I having to adapt to being a couple once again.

We had also touched upon my need for reflection in my life.

When she said, I had suffered a period of entrapment, I immediately related to her that I had struggled to emerge into my new senior responsibilities at work, that I was enjoying the dynamic, energising aspects of delivery, team management and service re-design.

I told her that for a number of years I had felt trapped in a large team where I had struggled to emerge into a senior role through promotion or interview.

So, entrapment explained !.

However, when I sat down at home later on in the evening and I was writing my diary, I was struck by another example of my entrapment which had not come to mind when I was with her.

It was the entrapment of my life in a mode of denial to my truth which was conforming to the ideals of the expectations I felt my family placed on me and my Catholic faith in respect of my need to suppress my gay sexuality.

Had she picked up on that level of entrapment?

I’ve no idea, and I certainly have no need to explore that with her.

But, I was very struck that she had perceived entrapment in my life and that I had broken free from it!

Can you try to do the same?

My next blog will be     Myers-Briggs

William Defoe

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