Have you got a light, please?

On a pleasant evening in early May, I was sat outside a pub with a couple of friends when I was interrupted by a voice at the side of me asking me “Have you got a light, please?”

The speaker was a young woman and I said to her in response, “I am sorry, but I do not smoke, but perhaps my friends could help?”

To my surprise she replied, “I don’t want a light from them, I want a light from you”

I was momentarily confused and had a questioning expression on my face.

She said, “Oh do I have to spell it out for you  – you do realise that you are extremely good looking and you look a really nice guy – are you spoken for?”

I was dumbfounded and I stood up  and said to her “Thank you so much, that is so nice of you, but I am married”

I then gave her a hug and said again, “Thank you so much and I hoped she would have a great evening”

It is a long time since I have been made aware of someone being attracted to me, and I was quite pleased by it and I hoped that the woman had not been embarrassed by my response to her generous heart..

I reflected that she had courage because she made her remarks quite openly in front of her friends and mine.

I reflected that at times in our lives we all need courage to speak our truth which cannot be subdued by the negative response of our audience.

My truth, which I only half told, is that I am married and I am gay!

My next blog will be “I’m Tired of Worrying”

William Defoe

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