Senior Citizens

I called in with my wife to our local pub a few weeks ago and we were joined in a cosy corner of the bar by a group of very elderly people  – senior citizens – who had come out from the sheltered housing complex across the road from the pub.

I was enthralled by them.

It seemed to me as I listened in on their conversations, that even in old age, they had a mixture of concerns to attend to and events to look forward to and news and joy to share with each other.

One elderly gentleman had written to the Housing Association to complain about a recent episode when he had been without hot water and he had been sent some financial compensation.

Another chap was up and down on his stool going over to look at the out of sight TV screen for the latest score in the rugby and sharing with his friends his joy at the success of his team.

A couple of the men were due to go over to see relatives in Dublin during the forthcoming week.

In and amongst the conversation was the odd mention of health issues and doctors appointments and hospital visits and such things.

My overwhelming feeling, as I listened to them was one of deep respect.

We said goodbye to them as we left, out of politeness, but I came away from observing them realising that problems of life accompany us at each stage, but in the midst of the problems, there are opportunities to share stories, reach out for friendship and most of all, make the most of today by coming out with friends and enjoying a pint (beer)!

My next blog will be:  Have you got a light, please?

William Defoe

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