Feeling Sympathy

In recent months I have made a determined effort to reduce my “news” intake so that I free up time to think about my own life journey and how I make a meaningful attempt to live in the present.

When I heard about the fate of the 150 people killed on the “Germanwings” flight over the French Alps last week, I was drawn once again to filling my head with the news in the search for answers as to why such a terrible tragedy should have occurred.

I felt overwhelmed with sympathy, and even more so (if that were possible) when news gradually emerged that this crash was possibly as a result of deliberate action of the co-pilot.

This lead me to think about how our actions affect others all of the time and that the idea that a man suffering from depression could kill all his fellow travelers in the midst of his own anguish and issues is at the very limits of being able to understand such motivation.

What I can relate to is the concept of being in the midst of so much pain, anger, confusion, isolation that I hurt those close to me by my actions even though it is not my intention to do so.

I have sought in recent months, a place within my life, for quiet reflection and I have formed a network of support around me so that I am able to express my truth openly as far as I am able to, to avoid feeling isolated.

I feel so sorry for those passengers and I pray that they will rest in peace and that their families will be comforted.

In my own mark of respect, and in attempt to respond positively to this tragedy, I am determined to re-double my efforts to reflect and share with others my truth so that I never go back to that place of isolation and despair which happily for me is in the past.

God Bless the people of Germany and Spain at this sad time.

My next blog will be:     April Fool

William Defoe

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