In recent weeks a few of the household problems that we have seen forming on the horizon for some time have demanded our attention and financial redress.

A leak from our shower caused damage to our kitchen ceiling and believe it or not this has lead us to replacing all our windows and arranging for a complete new bathroom suite – the kitchen will have to wait!

We have prioritised other aspects of our lives in the past and delayed taking these necessary steps which have now occurred because what we had was functional and satisfactory.

As part of the bathroom re-fit we have had to order a skip to collect the rubbish and although its arrival is some weeks away, this has lead us to a frenzied rush to de-clutter. I’ve been sent on missions into the attic, the garage, the out house and the shed and been ruthless in saying “this stuff has got to go”

I have noticed that it is often a crisis in one area of our lives, that leads us to action in other seemingly unrelated areas, which demand our attention when we are least able to deal with it.

Two years ago, I suffered a crisis of identity, formed over many years, which surfaced in such destructive anger within me and towards those whom I love dearly, that metaphorically speaking, it was my “leaky ceiling moment” and I made a decision to de-clutter my life so that I could see my issues for what they were.

I gave up my voluntary work, focused on getting help for issues relating to the acceptance of my sexuality, I reached out to my family for support, I separated within my life work and home and I made small, but important adjustments, to make myself more available to my family, calmer, approachable and reflective.

For me, I know that it was the crisis that spurred me to action – if I could have anticipated it earlier I would have acted sooner – so if you are heading for a crisis, “De-Clutter” before the roof falls in!

My next blog will be:        Feeling Sympathy

William Defoe

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