April Fool

I laughed yesterday when my dad told me that he had said to my mother, as he took her breakfast, that HM Queen had abdicated in favour of Prince Charles.

My parents are both in their 80’s and my mother can’t really cope with sudden change of any sort and her reaction had me in hysterics when he told me that she cried:

“Oh no, why has she done that during the election – she must be poorly, what a shame”

followed by:

“Oh no, does that mean Camilla will be Queen and we’ve not even discussed it

My dad then said quietly to her  “April Fool”

My mum who is listening to him relate this funny tale chips in to say:

“Oh, I could have swung for him, silly beggar”

The fact is that within our societies there are hopefully good constant persons who provide continuity and a framework to our lives through their office of state and to be fair the Queen fulfills this role perfectly for the UK and Commonwealth for which I am grateful.

There are those closer to us who also provide a constant and unlike the passing of a monarch “The King is Dead; Long Live the King” their loss to us either through a bereavement or relationship breakdown or feud / separation affects our well being and peace in the present moment.

So, we all at times fall for being an “April Fool,” but I have reflected that to push those closest to me away or refuse to let them experience their truth, in the context of their own lives, would make me a “Proper Fool.”

God Bless the Queen and long may she reign over us

My next blog will be:   Mass of Chrism

William Defoe

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