Recently I was persuaded by my hairdresser to change my hairstyle.

I normally have my hair short with it brushed back with my fingers and gelled slightly for hold.

My hair had grown somewhat and he suggested that I comb it over to the right and gel in place  so it looked tuft-up at the front.

I said to him but I think it will make me look gay and he said that it is how he has his and he is not gay.

So I agreed to it and “out” I came into the daylight!

The first thing my wife said when I got home was “what have you done to your hair? – it looks gay!”

I said “well if the cap fits – wear it!”  – totally at ease which is the real point of this post – I did not care a jot – I felt happy to express myself and keep the world guessing.

This is a huge leap in my capacity to be comfortable in my own skin because in the past I would have avoided any deliberate act that drew attention to my truth in that way.

Last week, it was time for my haircut once again and off it all came to a short trim from back to sides and top – but I did this because firstly, I did not like my hair being long and combed, and secondly because I can have my hair as I please.

My decision had nothing whatsoever to do with what other people thought of it!

I called in to see my mother “Oh William, your hair looks short and you used to have such lovely blond curls”

My response “Yes mother, that was when I was seven!”

My next blog will be: Nesting

William Defoe

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