An Exquisite Voice

Recently after over two years of trying to come to terms with all aspects of self, I am beginning to sense a real emergence of a change in the way I think and process the world around me.

I am noticing that I am able to appreciate the beauty in nature, music, friendships, family, love without having a shadow hanging over me which has previously blighted the moments of potential joy with an anxiety about my emotional pain, isolation and fear.

This liberation was made clear to me as listened to Dame Kiri Te Kanawa sing “The Heart is Slow to Learn” (see below) which I can only describe as a performance of absolute perfection.

Dame Kiri’s voice is exquisite because of her phenomenal range and control and I can recall watching her sing the song at Andrew Lloyd Webber’s 50th Birthday celebration a few years ago when I was fascinated by how she hid the massive effort it must have taken her to hit the very high notes in the song.

So, the change in me by living in the present moment and having come to a place of self acceptance has liberated me to feel and appreciate the joyous world around me and I encourage you to try to so the same.

My next blog will be: Haircut

William Defoe

Note “The Heart is Slow to Learn”, music by Andrew Lloyd Webber, lyrics by Glenn Slater

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