Emotions Run Deep

In basic biology, we are all taught about the human body and the skeletal framework and muscles supported by our brain and major organs supplied by a network of blood vessels transporting blood which has been oxygenated by every breath we take to keep us alive.

There is also the nervous system, and already my basic biology is being tested, and I’m not going to provide a lesson in this post except to say that within me “Emotions Run Deep”

Where is the emotional network in my body? – I don’t remember the biology, but I do know that in me it has its origins in the brain and runs riot across my chest around my heart, autobahns into my stomach and guts with reservoirs of salty water behind my eyes that flow frequently.

I am noticing that, whereas I have always been a very highly strung man, and my emotional management skills have been less controlled than I would have preferred, I am now benefiting from feeling that they are an essential part of what makes me the loving, caring, empathetic and faithful man that I am and I should not be frightened of acknowledging my emotional truth.

Yesterday, I was watching The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel at the cinema, and towards the end of this amazing film, I noticed that as a result of the struggle of the guests to find meaning in the twilight of their lives, the music, the dancing, the humour, the confusion, the poetry, and above all the fear inside me that Maggie Smith was going to die alone,  I welled over into absolute floods of tears as the film ended……….

But ….. what I noticed (apart from my wife sniggering at the sight of me as the lights came up) was that the emotion that runs deep within me was in relation only to that joyous film, and it was not somehow transferred, as it used to be, to my private anguish, now calmed down.

In fact, the change in me made me feel quite emotional!…. and so happy!

My next blog will be: “1995 Bore of the Year”

William Defoe

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