Alcohol Free

In recent years I have abstained from consuming alcohol for the duration of Lent.

Lent is within the Christian Tradition the period of fasting, praying and alms-giving that starts on Ash Wednesday and ends on Easter Sunday when the church having honoured and revered the sufferings of Jesus Christ in His Crucifixion on Good Friday, celebrates His Resurrection.

I have done this “fast” for a number of years, which I must say bears only scant comparison in my case to the fast which Moslem friends of mine undertake in Ramadan, however, the inconvenience of it all is what I notice the most.

I am a creature of habit in so many ways, and so to go without, or divert a well held routine, does have an impact not only on me but on those around me.

I am available at all times to give lifts to my wife and children, the requirement for taxi’s decreases and my friends who are fascinated by the exercise and whilst respecting of it, would love me to be back to my normal self.

I think this diversion of habit in terms of the abstinence of food or drink or other comforts, can be applied more widely to our behaviors. We can transfer the learning of the benefits of abstinence and the breaking of our routine by becoming more spontaneous, kinder, more open and giving to our loved ones and perhaps breaking the destructive cycle of negativity that occurs within ourselves.

So, I’m alcohol free for a few more weeks, but the change within me needs to last in the present moment long after Easter has passed.

My next blog will be : Emotions Run Deep

William Defoe

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