The Sound of Silence

Of course the title of my blog today has echo’s of those amazing lyrics written by Paul Simon and performed by Simon and Garfunkel (1964) – “The Sound of Silence”

My blog cannot compete with such poetic brilliance, but the title does help me form the words that i want to say to you today.

“The Sound of Silence” is something within me that I am beginning to love and appreciate more and more and it is a phenomenon that increasingly I cannot live without.

Silence, stillness, quiet time, peace, comes when I sit in solitude so that as far is possible all external noise around me is expunged and my body is at rest and still.

In that space, my head is anything but silent.

“The Sound of Silence” is on occasions deafening, nagging, crowding in , infuriating, frustrating, nauseating until the messages begin to separate out and slowly make sense.

A knot is untangled, and messages from within are  understood more clearly a course of action resolved upon, a tear or two shed.

This, I now understand, is the true inner call of self, to emerge into my life from the din around me.

It speaks to me of yesterday and today and tomorrow.

It is both happy and sad.

It bears witness to my physical, mental, emotional, sexual and spiritual truth and it is as euphoric as it is challenging, because after my time with self in “The Sound of Silence” a calm descends which unites external and internal self as one.

In the calm and peace I have been able to reconcile my identify to the life within me and around me and I encourage all of you who suffer any inner conflict to discover “The Sound of Silence”

My next blog will be “Answer: I most certainly am not!”

William Defoe

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