Midnight Mass

On my journey of self acceptance I have been encouraged to find a place of calm in a life that has often been punctuated by periods of stress, anxiety, feeling unhappy and anger.

I referred in an earlier blog to my practice of “sitting” which involves sitting still for  a few minutes and listening to the rhythm of my breathing whilst at the same time being in touch with my physical reality – my body – and that I am not just a thinking emotional head but a human body with a rightful claim to be in the world around me.

I experienced,whilst I knelt down at Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve,a further dimension to my being which was a very deep spiritual aspect of my life which was thrilling and calming which has lasted through the whole of Christmas.

I am not just a head of feelings and emotions – you, like me are a physical being and a spiritual being – I intend to keep these dimensions of my life in the present during my life – and can you do the same?

My next blog will be : Feeling Loved

William Defoe

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