He looks Gay!

I was recently walking alone along a busy road in one of our big cities when I heard a young woman say to her friend as I passed “He looks Gay!”

I could not be certain that the comments were in reference to me, but I was wearing a rather trendy jacket with the collar up across my face with a bit of scarf showing through and a gorgeous pair of woolly gloves so I decided I’d take the comments as my own! 

What struck me about the comments were that they were absolutely true and yet I walk in this world most of the time hiding my truth. I feel invisible even to my family and friends but not to my wife because she knows my truth.

There was a time when I would have been absolutely crushed that messages about me that I wanted to suppress were somehow being picked up.

On this occasion I wanted to shout out – “yes I am Gay and thanks for noticing”“thanks a lot love for noticing my truth!”

My next blog will be: German Market

William Defoe

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