Why did I cry as I waved goodbye?

Recently as I waved my wife off on a trip to London with her friend, for a birthday treat which I had provided for her, I experienced a very sudden rush of tears as the train left the station and disappeared from my sight.

I was struck by the suddenness of the emotion and perhaps, like me, you carry a secret anguish that means that tears are never far away – suppressed even, but on this occasion the tears were not from that place so why did I cry?

I forced myself to think about why I had cried. She was only going for the day and I wasn’t concerned about her safety etc –  I realised that the tears sprang from my witnessing her happiness as she waved goodbye.

Her gratitude and her love in that brief moment as I waved goodbye to her, told me that one of the ways that I can experience happiness is to treat her well, as she deserves, and spend the day looking forward to her embrace on her return.

I dried my eyes – “have a good day my love” – I’ll be stood on the platform tonight to welcome you home.

My next blog will be – He looks Gay!

William Defoe

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