German Market

Earlier this week I had the pleasure of visiting a German Market which has been created for the Christmas season in one of our big UK cities.

My wife and I queued in the rain to gain access to the beer tent where on gaining access we were greeted by the most raucous joyous atmosphere that I can remember being a part of for a very long time.

We stood to the side of the long tables with our steins of beer packed with revelers of all ages who were drinking and singing and swaying and laughing and having enormous fun. I felt overwhelmed by the spectacle in front of me but quite separate from it. I could have joined in but I wanted to be a spectator of this scene.

I felt in that moment very aware of the pain  and anguish that I have carried in my life but its presence in my thoughts at that happy time were a feeling of pain that although passed has left a deep scar which demands to be acknowledged.

I acknowledge and honour the pains and sadness of my life but in that German Market I united with the revelers in being present to the joy of being a part of something bigger than us all and I sang my heart out with the rest of them after refilling our steins!

Happy Christmas! – God Bless the people of the UK and of Germany too!

My next blog will be: Faking It!

William Defoe

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