Behind the Bus

Occasionally, I have found myself driving behind a bus on a long stretch of road, on which there are a couple of opportunities to overtake, but in the most part I am forced into driving at the speed of the bus.

I have noticed, how, if I change my focus from frustration at the delay, the inner irritation can be turned to a positive experience.

For a few moments behind the bus, I can begin to feel grateful that I have a car and grateful for the bus service for those who do not, and also for the times I myself have used the bus to get about the city where I live.

Driving at a slower speed seems to translate within me to slower thinking.

Time to notice my breathingĀ  – in and then out – time to notice the immediate external environment to my right and left which I usually rush past.

Time to put my life in context again and to acknowledge to myself that despite how I may think, I am a part of this world, I am not at the centre of everything.

How good it feels, behind the bus, to be lead, to be subjugated for those few moments to a state of compliance for the needs of others.

How good it feels to acknowledge that there are bigger things out there in the world than my ego – the bus symbolizing size and power, if not speed.

I sometimes forget that the troubles and difficulties which I experience in my life are only ever a part of it, they do not define it all, and driving slowly behind the bus provides me with just a few moments to remind me so.

My next blog will be: Speed Awareness

William Defoe

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