Appetite Satiated

In so many ways, my appetite is satisfied through regular meal-times, conversation; sex; quietness; beauty; love; holidays; clothes; faith; friendship.

The problem is, that quite often, I am all too aware of the temporary nature of the satisfaction I derive, and how all too soon the need; the craving; the wanting; the neglect; the disappointment; the frustration of dis-satisfaction clouds my life.

On the surface, and I think even deeper than the surface, I experience satisfaction above and beyond material and human physical need, for I am a man of faith.

I believe in Christ and through Him, I believe in God.

I think those people of all faiths and none, who are able to connect deeply to the truth as they see it, of their convictions to support them through their life are truly blessed.

I have been inspired by holy people whose utter faith has transformed them into people who offer service to others by acts of kindness; charity and love.

And it is not as though these people, who have clear and pure beliefs are protected from the trials and tribulations of life, but they seem to be able to  persevere because their fundamental core has been satisfied.

These types of people seem to be able to respond with phrases of acceptance in the face of challenges, that misfortunes and good-fortune are “God’s will”

I don’t process my trials and tribulations in life like them.

I struggle when my appetite; my needs are not satisfied.

I have something to learn then, still, from the inspiration handed down by those people, past and present, who have something constant to rely upon which regardless of hunger or deprivation their appetite for living is fulfilled.

My next blog will be: Behind the Bus

William Defoe


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