Winter Coat

In the UK at this time of year, the weather and temperatures are changeable.

As winter, gives way to spring, warmer days emerge and the siege mentality of the long cold dark days, gives way to the hope of something lighter, fresher and warmer.

In early April, the sun came out and shone on us, and gave me the impression that winter was behind us.

I decided to consign my long winter overcoat to its wrappings, and store it in the wardrobe in the spare bedroom for another year.

Suddenly, winter returned and I had to go and retrieve my winter coat after trying to muddle through without it, because it became so cold and wet that I needed again to feel its protection and warmth.

Reaching again for my winter coat, seemed like a backward step, a renegade movement to a period which I had consigned to the past, but actually my action to retrieve it from its wrappings, was to recognise and take action to address my immediate needs.

The seasons are not delivered to us in regimental order, rather they tend to emerge one out of the other over time and the ebb and flow of the weather, particularly the rain in the UK is a law unto itself!.

So it is right, that I should have both my shorts and t-shirt, and my jumpers and winter coat to hand to reflect the reality of the season, and to use this analogy of seasons and weather and clothing to educate my spirit to be ready and able, to cope with whatever the day brings.

My next blog will be: Debenhams 

William Defoe

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