Health and Time

Earlier this week, South African Springbok legend, Joost van der Westhuizen died aged just 45, after suffering with motor neuron disease.

In an interview before he died, he talked about his sense of peace and calm, despite the ordeal of his mind and body and that his life would soon end.

I was moved deeply by his comment that it was not until his diagnosis was given that he became conscious of the important concepts of health and time.

He said most of us go through our life without noticing and valuing the importance of health and time.

I have interpreted his words to mean that I should be aware of my health and time in the present moment.

I have an expectation to live a longer than average life by world standards, and I am fortunate to have good access to healthcare whenever I have need of it, however it is not for me about how many years I have left of life, it is that I live it and that I live it well.

To live my life well, is to invest my efforts in aspects of my life which are important to me.

I have been asking myself “What is important?”

Despite my gay sexuality, and despite the difficulties I have experienced and caused; my wife and our marriage are the most important aspect of my life.

I have been working hard to save it and it has been touch and go. I cannot take it for granted that we will succeed where others have not.

I have to invest my health and time today and everyday in cultivating a lasting bond which has endured for thirty years already, but which has been under pressure in recent years.

I want to be a good father and to do this I need to be accessible, loving, and supportive by giving my adult children my health and time whilst respecting their life choices and giving them space to be what they need to be.

I want to be a good grandfather if the time comes.

I want to invest my time in pursuits of physical health, running and walking.

I want to invest my time in pursuits of mental health, blogging, talking, listening, silence, coaching, being coached, praying, reading, learning, studying, resting, sleeping.

I want to use my work to support my life, not my life to support my work. This means I want to give my best to my work when I am working, and make sure that I am bringing my talents, developing my knowledge and skills, admitting when I am wrong or when I do not know the answer.

I send the family of Joost van der Westhuizen my deep respect and prayers at this time. May he rest in peace.

My next blog will be: It’s My Life

William Defoe




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