Creating Space

I was commended recently by my coach for having created space within which I am able to perceive and pursue so many more opportunities for me to thrive.

My journey to create space has taken me in recent years, from a very narrow view of the world as seen through a prism of a strict faith combined with bars so high that neither I or those whom I loved were able to reach and maintain them.

I have looked around me and within me, for examples of a wider spectrum, for example, Christ defined as the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end; or politics, left and right; or sport, winning and losing.

The canvas on which I process my life has grown much larger, because I no longer react to the happenings in the moment without first doing all I can to see a bigger picture on which the context of events is played out in my mind.

I think that to have created space is to have found at last a level of growing maturity which I regret to say, was quite absent for many years of my adult life.

This added capacity to think and perceive expansively, and my deepening maturity have not come at a price I am unwilling to pay, for example, a loss of faith, or a diminishment of my core values.

I have been able, rather, to move around, and within my life, with a greater sense of freedom (from judgement) and of peace (from thinking I am a failure).

My next blog will be: In Search of God

William Defoe

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