A profusion of white roses leans into the path near the front door of my house.

I adore them!

With each prune of the dead heads, a new abundance grows and amazes me with the generosity which a humble rose bush can bring to the world from a single stem.

As I brush past them each morning and night, doing my best not to knock into them, the morning dew, or the raindrops from last nights shower, dampens my shirt and leaves its colourless scent on me.

This abundance of giving, speaks to me of what it must be like to be generous, to be out in the world bringing all our gifts.

Of course, for me, and perhaps for you, the world does not always seem to be welcoming of my gifts, or interested in them, or noticing of them, but the profusion of roses outside my front door, which dampens my shirt, and catches my eye, calls to me to bring it all anyway.


My next blog will be: Short-sighted

William Defoe


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