Unfinished Spaces

I have a tendency, which I am very aware of nowadays, that I to want to have a sense of order in life.

The problem with this tendency is that life is not like that, and so what can I do to respond to my new found awareness that life and order are not always compatible?.

Whilst on holiday in Portugal last month, I became besotted with the unfinished spaces around the town and the beach.

The unfinished pavements, and, what I had initially described to myself as “wasteland” became for me the beautiful unfinished spaces which I would be sad to see developed.

This sense of unfinished spaces spoke to me, in my long spells of reflection, of how I too need to recognise and accept the unfinished spaces which call for my attention from the pools of self from deep within me, and not try to order them, but to love them.

Unfinished spaces speak strongly to me of work undone, time to come, space for which the ordered parts of my life can expand into, when the time comes.

Unfinished spaces signals a depth of hopefulness and satisfaction with how things are today without denying the opportunity for growth in the future.

On those unfinished pavements in Alvor, my feet would roll over the loose stones and propel me forward, but, rather than feel disconcerted by the uncertainty underfoot, I felt a sense of exhilaration and gratitude that the order which I have craved, has at last found peace and calm in the unfinished spaces of the life I am living today.

My next blog will be : Profusion

William Defoe

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