Authentic Conversation

Something grabbed my attention about Renee Zellweger’s (Bridget Jones) interview with Jonathan Ross, in which she told him that she had enjoyed the last six years of her life living below the radar of public consciousness.

She told him that she had been able to go out for coffee without being recognised and she had enjoyed authentic conversations in the street – “I liked that” she said.

This notion of authentic conversation struck a chord with me.

In Ms Zellweger’s case, I presume she was able to interact with the public without being recognised as a world famous actor and was therefore able to interact with the people she met, without the barrier of celebrity and all the restrictions that this status brings.

I, of course, perhaps like you, don’t have to worry about the status of celebrity, but how often, do I really bring what is with me into the public domain?.

In my case, a substantial part of my truth is hidden (i.e.the fact that I am gay), but I am learning that this does not necessarily mean that I have to suppress or deny the reality of this truth in my interactions at work and in general.

I have learned, through development, that I do not have to fear aspects of my truth being suspected or on view, however, like the actor, I do not have to confirm its existence – it is there to see, but not necessarily to be confirmed.

I have come to realise that the most basic authentic conversation does not start in the street, it starts with self.

If you love all of what is you, even the bits you are afraid to admit, the fear of this aspect being the focus of another persons opinion becomes significantly less diminished.

Authentic conversation has its origins in getting to know and love self, and from this place the outward manifestation of this self knowledge and self love, is an awareness and an ability to bring the full essence of self without fear of recrimination or rejection.

My next blog will be: Repeating Practices

William Defoe




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