Shower Head

As I entered an unfamiliar shower on holiday, the water turned cold and then extremely hot in almost an instant causing me to flinch and to direct the shower head towards the tiles away from my flesh.

For a few moments, as the water washed down the tiles at the side of me, I attempted to stabilize the controls until I was confident that the water was coming out of the shower head at a constant temperature which my body could tolerate.

I was struck, as I showered myself in the warm water, how in the past my temper was easily compared to a shower head, that is in being hot headed and angry followed by sulking and coolness and regret.

Like a shower head my temper and sulking was directed at those whom I love as if they were a tiled wall able to tolerate my behaviour.

As I dried myself, I recognised how far I have come on my journey to love myself and how my own inner temperature is far better regulated in my life at this time.

I am thankful because I think that for most of the time, those whom I love are happy in my company and no longer have to wear a heat shield to protect themselves, like a tile, from my mood swings.

My next blog will be: Zoned Out

William Defoe

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