I don’t like the taste of cucumber, but I eat this vegetable virtually everyday of my life.

I like to eat a salad for lunch each day, especially in the summer months, and the way I keep them interesting is by including regular ingredients of lettuce, spring onions, tomatoes and cucumber and then a variety of toppings, cold meats, chicken, egg, spicy chicken, cooked pork, salmon etc.

The cucumber is included each day without notice because instead of neglecting to eat it each day, I have discovered that if I cut it up into fine pieces, it looses its impact as a taste I cannot palate, to become an enhancer of the rest of the food on my plate.

Cucumber is therefore, for me, an excellent example on how living in the present can be possible when having to live through challenges which at times can be difficult to bear.

I have known for some time, through my development, which is enhanced through quiet reflection and outward engagement with the world, that the difficult aspects of my life must be spread over all the other aspects of my life to make them less painful, less demanding of my continual notice, and less destructive in my reaction to them.

I have found, that I am better able to consume the troubles in my life, because they are spread in and amongst the balanced reality of my life.

Searching for truth is not some search for a goal of absolute peace and tranquility  – it is rather being able to welcome all things.

So the secret is to spread the cucumber lightly over the salad so that it is consumed with ease rather than being left in the tupperware bowl all the day to rot and decay.

My next blog will be: SS Peter and Paul

William Defoe



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